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    I tried to contact these people without any reply. I saw the exhibit but didn’t read the brochure so missed the meeting in Bergen. In the world of the Institute for Non-toxic Propaganda, the horror of the gyros has one poetic application.

    The statement that the harvesting of the plastic can never be done economically isn’t a broad enough equation. If the labour could be made without cost ( or covered by another collective expense) it could be possible to extract a completely parallel benefit at the same time as waste recycling. The Non-toxic Propaganda proposal envisages making this off-shore operation an international correction institution for off-shore crime. Society re-cycles its tax-evaders and money launderers into small teams of sailing raft paddlers that feed a mother ship with refuse. (They would also eat and over night aboard the mother ship in the worst of weather.) The ships would be equiped to reduse the plastic mass into a molten compound useful to construct open source hexayurts useful for emergency housing. http://hexayurt.com

    Thanks, Alvaro.

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